Here at Jet Washing Solutions Ltd we understand that your project is a large financial outlay, and we appreciate that you will have a lot of questions. We have cleaned thousands of sites and gardens, so we have listed the most common questions and answers below.


Who is Jet Washing Solutions Ltd?

Jet Washing Solutions Ltd is an exterior cleaning services company registered in England and Wales with company number: 15513709. Company is in industrial and commercial pressure washing and steam cleaning across London and Essex. We based in central London at 411 Oxford Street, London W1C 2PE United Kingdom.


Do you work on commercial properties as well as residential?

Yes, our exterior cleaning services are available for industrial, commercial, and residential customers.


How long will it take to clean an area?

This is hard to say as every job is different. A small patio would take 2-3 hours for example, we aim to complete all jobs on the same day whenever possible to minimise the disruption to you.

To clean an area of block paving the size of 6 car parking spaces would take less than a day. This includes cleaning, thorough rinsing and washing down of the whole area.

On average 1 hour per 20 square meters, but it all depends on the dimensions and the condition of the area that is being washed.

The duration of high-pressure washing services depends on the size of the area being cleaned and the level of dirt.


How much does this cost?

This of course depends on the size of the area, its condition, what type of surface it is, the location the access available etc. However, we are happy to supply a written quotation for you to view in your own time.


Can high-pressure washing damage surfaces?

If not done correctly, high-pressure washing can damage certain surfaces. This is why it’s vital you hire professional to ensure correct use.

If the surface is not damaged already, e.g. loose pointing or delaminated bricks, our cleaning techniques will not damage the surface.

While high-pressure washing it generally safe for most surfaces, however it may not be suitable for delicate materials like certain types of wood or paint.


Do I need to provide something?

The jet washing machine requires electricity and running water. Ideally, we require an outdoor water tap. If you haven`t got an outdoor water tap, we may be able to use an indoor tap. Also, the area you wish to be cleaned needs to have proper drainage.


Do you need a parking space?

Yes, as close to your property as possible. The technician arrives with a van loaded with all the equipment. If there are parking restrictions in the vicinity, then we would expect you to provide permits.


What about any other permits that may be required?

We will arrange all required permits from cherry picks to scaffolding if and when applicable.


Do you charge for quotations?

We offer FREE, no-obligation quotations to all our customers. Please send us photographs with the surfaces that need professional cleaning so that we can quickly provide an accurate quotation.


Can you do a test patch to show final results?

Yes, if requested we are happy to complete a test patch from a discrete wall, e.g. at the back of the property.


Is the price fixed?

Yes, the price is fixed. Once the scope of work is agreed, we do accurate calculations and provide you with a fixed quote so you know exactly what the final cost is. The only thing that might affect the cost is if we uncover an unexpected problem while the job is underway. If this happens, we will re-quote in advance of doing any extra works. If you decide you would like more than what was originally quoted, this would come at an extra cost.


How long quotation is valid for?

Our quotations are valid for 3 months.


Do you have deposit or sign fee?

Our service sign fee is £400 plus VAT, this fee is paid before the start of the architecture services.

Our Construction service sign fee is £1200 plus VAT, this fee is paid before the start of the construction services.

We will ask for 5% deposit of the total amount quoted in the contract for our Design and Build and Renovation services.

Within the 14 days of signing for our services you are eligible for full refund minus any of the work that has been carried out in the meantime by the company or any of its partners. After 14 working days sign fee or deposit becomes non-refundable.


Are you fully Insured?

We are fully covered. We hold full PLB insurance for our services. Rest assured we can work on both residential and commercial properties.


We carry Public Liability Insurance of £5m and Professional Indemnity Cover of £2m, and £10,000,000 employer’s liability. 5 times more than many of our commercial clients require.

Copies of our certificates of insurance can be provided for you, should you wish to inspect these.


What is the Warranty period for your works?

We have consistent 5 Star ratings on google and pride our selves on our work and customer service. But if there are any issues, we will come back and fix it for free.


Do all your contractors work directly for you?

Yes, all our team members have worked with us for many years and work directly for us. We don’t subcontract the project to somebody else.


Still can’t find what you are looking for or interested to proceed? Our friendly advisors will be able to help you, simply contact us via the form below or simply give us a call on 0784 2403 840 and we will be able to assist you further.


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